Family nudists beach sex

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  • Family nudists beach sex
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    Family nudists beach sex *** . The first toy we tested is the Gourmet Edition Jelly Sparkle Tease Vib. It's about 5-6" long and somewhat slender. Simply perfect for me! I do not really like enormous vibs consequently this one wasa nicesize. And I must say, it fit perfectly and felt AMAZING! After my husband helped me get nice and profitable I took the vib out to get a spin. This sparkling wonder gave me two incredible orgasms! When the vib is fully inserted, the vibrating part sits right at my G spot. It's not exactly of the same quality as my Jack Rabbit(9 out of 10), but close. Nothing is of the same quality as the real thing though so heart took over where the vib left off. In short, I would highly recommend this for women who appreciate an average sized vib.
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