Nudism leads to masturbation

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  • Nudism leads to masturbation
    Hi Big Sis, Glad Kate needed some photos and in case you didn't know, he loves self pics. Who could be harsh to someone so beautiful and sexy.
    Thanks for the pictures. I have been on many Carnival cruise ships and YES they do have their own area to loosen, have fun and even lay out bra-less. I have taken pictures like this as well, just to be nosey and do something. As for Joy Ship Freddy, he is
    Nice outfir and very nice woman.
    All comments are welcome. I want to know what people think.
    Fine caboose just need to trim the ol chocolate-colored eye!
    All right!!!!! Welcome back, Vera, you're looking nicer than ever.
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    Beautiful tits and love the thick perky nips AngeloftheMorn. if you wanna see my lengthy and thickness ;)
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    Are the very nice ones?????? I witnessed old faux titted women, celulite covered butts and women in bathing suits, where are the very nice ones?????????
    I'm glad the two of you are blessed together and that she knows what you like. Please take your own photos of her -- with a much nicer camera -- and post those when you have the chance. Good luck!
    ex huh.... you mighta fucked up... have to see the current to know fer shure....
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    WORST WARDROBE SELECTION EVER. If you had skipped the lame-ass style display and went gay-for-pay for the Nakedness, it would've been a finer showcase. Instead, we're stuck with your desperate choices in garments. Besides, it's a SHAME to have that figure covered up,
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    i do the same thing, i have a big woo but i am gross
    As a lady that loves other ladies I love your assets, how I wish I could share it with your lucky
    Would have voted superb, but no face,no vote.
    Smooches from Portugal
    do some ab exercises i just threw up in my mouth!
    Nao vai mostrar nada?
    Does she have a zip code?
    Seem to be big, soft and heavy! Superb -
    The comeback of Tenerife? Alas...
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    Nudism leads to masturbation *** . Fire and I returned this Spring back to precisely the same sand where we first shot pictures that posted on naturist. We took over 300 pictures this season, but nearly all of them were candids rather than actually themed sets. After being proded by a fellow CBBer numerous times, we decided to post some of what I took. This set was taken on the dunes involving the main road as well as the plage itself. This wasn't a nude beach. Fire was the only real one there wearing a thong. She was a little self conscious at first. Yet, she did loosen up, and we ended up having a great time. We take these graphics for fun. Fire and I really hope you enjoy. Leave pleasant comments if you want. Fire does real all of these. Speed and Passion
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