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  • Family naked photos
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    Family naked photos *** . Came home in the pub several months ago to find my roommate passed out on the couch. Was likely to go to bed, so I went to his room to shut off the lights - I located his girlfriend on his bed, passed out too, as it is possible to see (I think she's 21 or 22 - I Have only met her a fw times). I figured it was a one-in-a lifetime chance , and so I grabbed my camera. She did not wake up, so I got more courageous. Got too brave, though, with the second last pic, she mumbled and rolled over, which is when I got the last pic and took off! My only sorrow is that I still don't know what her boobs look like. That and the very fact that I REALLY wish to fuck her now every time I see her.
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