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    COME ON... just say it's your wifey and get on with it... It's OK.
    Supreme SUBJECT
    leave some of that hair on a need and Yankee lover.......I'm availablehehehe
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    Women have tits.Big deal.
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    love this vid!!!
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    A little chubby there baby..pretty good for 50 however
    Hey you guys. I have some news for you. You have no need to worry about the face, doubt too many would have spent a lot of time looking at it. Excellent fine assets, and, what makes it so is that there is not one little little bit of silicone anywhere. A true wo
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    Hey, "Halfway," I assume that your moniker actually refers to the fact you might be halfway to a first-grade education. First-ever, this entire thing began because I confronted the assorted butt holes on this Board who like to manhandle women anonymously, like the cowards they are. Mr. "Someone Else" then gets arched out of form because I'm [gasp] attempting to deny him his right to be a prick. How DARE I, right?But as I've often said, if I'm pissing off people like him AND you, I must be doing something right.
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    Nudism nudist *** . Uhm.... I am baaaaack. Why? Because I'm a you-know-what! Also, because I purchased TWO pair of fishnets for my last dogpile, so I had one pair left over (youwill want to observe hubby cutting out the crotch on HC)! I value all your advice from the final set, and I Have mulled it over. I think I should simply stop doing this entirely - it is for the top. You're all rubbing thick callouses in your dick and your wives are wondering why you keep bugging them for gangbangs... I am fearful I am actually decaying the very fabric of human culture. I mean, my whoredom is freaking BIBLICAL! So... goodbye, everybody. For at least weekly.
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