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    oi you lot, stop whingeing; surely you wouldn't choose a come back to a stream of pics of boring yankee plumpers in bodypaint.
    Big build up for only Three pix?
    >>and the lollipop (called 'vajra') is idolized.
    Indeed like this pose, gives you a certain je ne sais quoi ! And me a hard on ;-) [email protected]
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    sono felice di avere un'altra italiana qui! davvero prometti bene!
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    Yeah xx
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    Free nudist photos *** . I love south strand! Very recently I was there and they were having some sort of parade. I was looking over my balcony, not really thinking of much, once I saw they parade come by and it seemed like everyone was unclothed! I am not one to worry within the small things but this was a bit weird. A buddy of mine was chatting around and dared me to get naked. There were people on their balconies every where and folks on boats in the marina seeing this stuff. It took just a little courage and goading but I took of my top (eventually) and then by bikini bottoms. Of course at now, I was back in my room (wink).
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