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  • Family naturism video vk
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    Family naturism video vk *** . I love to eat fattening foods like burgers, frys, ice cream, lobster dripping in butter, steaks and baked potatoes ect.... I weigh just 93 lbs of muscle and DO NOT DO DRUGS!!! I'm only 5'1" and have a 24" waist, which is purported to be the perfect size, based on modeling data. I am a very nice an sensitive person, so I perfer that you leave only great comments. I used to be a Physical Ed major at SDSU and am in better condition than almost all of the 18 year olds I went to college with. I love sports and my favorite is football. These pics are for the folks that dont believe I eat. I eat, but it doesnt do any great!! Adore Cali
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